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Chongqing Changfeng Chemical Co. is a leading manufacturer of high performance chemicals that use phosgene and aromatic amines as main intermediates. A major phosgene derivative production base, we share the largest capacity for phosgene production in China and offer a variety of products. We are proud to be the world's largest manufacturer of Benzophenone, production of which involves use of phosgene route methods imported from the United States in 1992, with a current annual capacity of 4000 metric tons and expansion efforts underway. Other top-selling products include Polycarbonate, Diethyl Carbonate, Diphenyl Carbonate, and Tetramethylurea. Located in an area rich in natural gas, our factory possesses state-of-the-art natural gas conversion/separation equipment from Linde AG, Germany, and facilities capable of producing H2/CO with purity at levels required for the production of aniline and use in the optimal process of synthesizing qualified phosgene. With more than thirty years... [Details]

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